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3 Ways to Partner with HR to Drive Performance

posted by – June 30th, 2013


Changes in the work environment over the last decade have led employee workflows to become more interconnected than ever before. The latest research shows that employees’ work 67% more collaborative and interconnected, leading the most progressive HR and Communications teams to shift the way they think about supporting employee productivity.

Employees’ effectiveness at sharing with and learning from others – their “network performance” – is now as important as traditional individual task performance. Unfortunately, most employees display high levels of individual task performance but low levels of network performance. Increasing network performance is the most effective way to drive productivity and profitable growth.

The best organizations are recalibrating their HR processes and systems to reflect the importance of network performance to employees total enterprise contribution and, more broadly, organizational performance. At the same time, our latest research focuses on how Communications teams are adapting leaser and employee communication to drive performance.

In addition to each function’s individual responsibilities, Communications and HR can partner in three areas to support employee performance:

  1. Support Leaders and Managers – Partner to measure and publicize adoption of network behaviors, coach leaders to enable and empower staff, and provide relevant communication training and tools.
  2. Manage and Reward Performance – Partner to update leader communication competencies, recognize best practice sharing within the organization, and enable peer-to-peer recognition.
  3. Enable Network Performance – Partner to increase visibility into peers’ skills and experience.