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Marjon Oosterhout

After 20 years of global experience in Leadership Development, Organization Development, Change Management and Talent Management in Nissan, GE, ICI and Shell I established my own company “Passion for Talent” in 2007.

I have been inspired by all the wonderful people I met as my work took me around the world. From Europe to the US, South Africa, South East Asia, Japan and China. But also to places like Sakhalin, Brunei, Oman and Nigeria. Everywhere I went I met people with great potential. Unfortunately these people weren’t always in a position to make best use of these talents.

One of the biggest and most rewarding challenges for leaders is to unleash these talents and strengths and allow people to contribute to the best of their abilities. This is even more the case in the current econimic climate. My biggest challenge and passion is to help leaders do this.

I’m convinced this also leads to the delivery of extraordinary business results.