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Richard S. Lewine

Chairman, founded Achievement Alliance Corporation in 1977 after 20 years of diverse operations, sales, and management experience. He began his journey in a family business, gaining his basic understanding of business and industry from the shipping room floor. Richard’s subsequent stints in purchasing, shop floor management of over 100 people, and sales rounded out his initial foray into the commercial world.

After five years, Richard founded a textile manufacturer’s rep organization, building it to a $6 million enterprise with multiple sales and administrative people. During these years, he also became a distributor for several companies in the textile industry, servicing the Mid-Atlantic region, which enhanced his already successful venture.

Fifteen years later, Mr. Lewine felt that it was time for a personal paradigm shift. While working with the CEOs of myriad clothing manufacturers, textile mills, transportation companies, and financial organizations, it became clear to Richard that effective leadership and management were missing ingredients in most of these firms. They knew how to “run the business;” however, most of them had no idea of how to “manage the organization.”

Capitalizing on his sales and distribution experience, Richard became a Distributor for Leadership Management Inc., creators and publishers of the finest Personal and Professional Development programs available. His focus was, and still is, the leaders of small and mid-size organizations. Early experience in the field quickly made apparent the need for more than these programs. In response, Mr. Lewine began consulting with CEOs and created a series of services that filled the void including Organization Goals Sessions and Sales Plus Leadership. As AAC grew, in response to the needs of the clients, Richard co-created Vision Building and Strategy Formulation, the Presidents Alliance, The Objective Performance Appraisal System, Succession Planning, Owner/Partner Transitioning, and Exit Planning.

As a natural outgrowth of his work, Richard conceived and developed, GoalTrakTMEV, a web-based, (SaaS), strategic goals and performance management system. Organization-wide GoalTrakTMEV deployment supports collaborative goal creation and tracking which drives an integrated objective performance appraisal system. His vision of integrating the technology of the web with the technology of goal setting came to fruition in 2005 and is successfully implemented internationally.

Richard is an amateur sculptor, sometime lumber jack, a closet “techie” who prefers alternative computer operating systems, voracious reader of science fiction, and an avid walker. He was a founding member of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the International Society for Performance and Instruction. Richard provided pro bono services to the Catholic Leadership Council in Bryn Mawr, PA, guiding them in the building of their five year Vision. Currently, Mr. Lewine volunteers with the People Against Recidivism (PAR) inmate program at SCI-Graterford, a maximum security prison.

Mr. Lewine’s continuing education includes courses in Marketing, Business Law, and Computer Basics at Temple University.