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Measuring Sales Performance and the Sales Quality Revolution

posted by – August 20th, 2012

Sales leaders and business executives  looking to transform their sales organizations will want to read the  latest chapters of “The End of Sales As We Know It”. This important new  publication is being released in a series of special  reports co-authored by sales research pioneer Howard Stevens, Chairman  of Chally Group Worldwide, and business writer/blogger Geoffrey James.
The book examines how the evolution of the Internet has transformed the  buying and selling process, and helps sales organizations and  professionals understand the new requirements for success. Chapter 4,  entitled Measuring Sales Performance, describes how technology,  and the consequent metrics, has changed three important areas of sales  management: sales process, sales training, and sales forecasting. In  Chapter 5, The Sales Quality Revolution, a new kind of metric using  empirical research data to predict performance is  explained, as well as how these metrics are applied in order to improve  the effectiveness of sales management.
“The End of Sales As We Know It” is based on twenty years of Chally  research across 80,000 B2B customers and 7,300 sales forces. It covers a  variety of topics including Selling in the Internet Age, Sales &  Academia, Sales and the TQM Revolution, and the Science  of Sales Training.
Book chapters are being released as special reports as they are completed. Chapters 1-5 are now available as free downloads online. The entire book will be available in late 2012.
Howard Stevens is the author of several books on sales and  management, including Achieve Sales Excellence; Selling the Wheel; and  The Quadrant Solution, all of which have been published in multiple  languages. He has written many articles about sales  and leadership, and is a sought-after speaker and commentator, with  appearances on CNN, Bloomberg USA, National Public Radio, Radio Free  America and other business-based programs to his credit.
Geoffrey James has written hundreds of features, articles and  columns for national publications including Wired, Men’s Health,  Business 2.0, Selling-Power, CIO, Brand World, The New York Times and  BNET. He is the author of seven books, including Business  Wisdom of the Electronic Elite and The Tao of Programming.
About Chally Group Worldwide A global leadership and sales potential and performance measurement  firm, Chally Group Worldwide ( uses its industry-leading  research, predictive analytics and advisory services to ensure that  clients have the information they need to minimize  risks associated with talent management decisions relating to  selection, alignment, development and succession planning.