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David Sawtelle

David Sawtelle, Founder and President Orchestrated Achievement International

In his current role as President/Owner of ORCHA, David started and grew a consulting business focusing on bottom line improvement through selection, development, retention, and performance analysis of employees.

David works mostly with C level decision makers, including in the growth and development of his Executive Roundtable started in 2005. David has also launched a Senior Human Resource Roundtables and soon will launch a Senior Sales Executive Roundtable.

Throughout his career, David’s approach to fulfilling his bottom-line responsibilities has been by ensuring alignment of divisional goals with corporate plan in small, medium, and large companies.

Organizational Development is an earned expertise. He believes that leaders should be developed most in the skill and competencies that will achieve company goals. Targeting curriculum to achieve specific things rather than burying leaders in the ‘development program of the day’ is the most effective approach. Executive coaching is a big reason for David’s developmental success. David has been interviewed and quoted by two prominent industry training magazines: Collections and Credit Risk and ASTD’s Training and Development Magazine, and featured by a national consulting firm in an article in Universal Perspectives. The focus of these interviews and articles was raising return on training, and aligning training with corporate revenue goals.

Understanding client needs, designing solutions for clients, and successfully implementing solutions that achieve client goals is the distinguishing mark of David’s success.