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John Wentworth

John Wentworth has run one of the most progressive and durable recruiting operations in the country since 1984. He has been a headhunter since 1979. Not content with just filling jobs, he has studied recruiting to learn how it can be done consistently successfully.
John started in Human Resources since 1973.
He was Corporate Manager of Compensation and Affirmative Action for TOSCO Corporation (1976-79), Personnel Director for Carte Blanche (1973-75) and Compensation Supervisor for Mattel (1975-76). He has been designated a Senior Professional in Human Resources by the Human Resources Certification Institute. He became a recruiter in 1979.

Wentworth Recruiting was created in 1984. Wentworth was the first company to offer on-site contract recruiting in Southern California. Since then, under John’s guidance, the company has pioneered many of the key recruiting innovations of the past 25 years.
He has served as the president of the San Pedro Peninsula Hospital Foundation and the Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA) Foundation, the chair of the Westside Center for Independent Living Computer Training Project Business Advisory Council and a member of the parent organization’s Board of Directors.
He served as a founding member of the City of Los Angeles Board of Taxicab Commissioners, later, he served for a year as President of the Board of Harbor Commissioners for the Port of Los Angeles.

John is currently the President of Infragard-Los Angeles, an FBI-private sector partnership concerned with terrorism-related physical and cyber threats.
He graduated from Boston University with a degree in Communications. He served in Viet Nam, between Tet 1968 and Tet 1969, as an infantry rifleman with the 1st Cavalry Division. He returned a Sergeant.

Recruiting is Starting Again. Are You Ready?


Not happy with the candidates your recruiter gives you? You are not alone.

The Wentworth Recruiting Satisfaction Survey will tell you that hiring managers feel that recruiters’ understanding of the jobs they work on misses the mark by 35%! That’s like every third car fixed by a mechanic not working when the owner tries to drive it home.

We wanted to know why, so The Wentworth Company conducted a Recruiting Satisfaction Survey. We think the results are so important that we are offering them to you for FREE. Click this link to go to the Requirements and Screening sections of the report. At the end, you can navigate to other sections, including PDF’s.

We hope you find our data and analysis interesting and useful.