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Secret to Simplifying Employee Reviews

Matt used to go to extremes to get
recommendations done on time.
Now he goes online.
Talent Management Made easy


Dear HR Professional,

Tired of holding your managers’ feet to the fire just to get
performance appraisals and compensation adjustments done on time?

By automating and integrating your performance appraisal
and compensation management processes using Halogen’s
talent management suite, you can:

  • Get more consistent and accurate performance ratings with
    less effort from everyone
  • Keep managers on track, on time and accountable
  • Provide managers with suggestions and guidelines for
    adjustments based on budget, salary scales,
    performance ratings and more
  • Give managers fingertip access to all the goals, development
    and performance information they need to make fair and
    defensible adjustments for their staff
  • Update payroll changes with a push of a button

Let us show you how easy it can be.

Free Trial

Getting a successful pay for performance program up
and running can be quick, easy and affordable.
Nearly 1,500 organizations around the world are already using
Halogen talent management solutions with brilliant results.
For a full product demonstration or to learn more about
Halogen’s award-winning suite, just contact us.

Your Friends at Halogen Software


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