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The new economy requires smart, cost-effective decisions that yield immediate value.

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HR Performance, Inc. is the nation’s leading online HR subscription service used and trusted by over 350,000 HR professionals in major companies across the United States and around the world.

It has never been more important than now to reach your target audience and only your target audience.

Our professionals shape the industry – Fortune 1000 leaders and decision makers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and global trendsetters. Value, Access and Reach

  • We bring you immediate VALUE – We offer you multiple ways to reach our double-opt in users at the most cost-effective rates in the business. We offer levels of targeting and segmentation so your message goes to the right person with no waste.
  • We provide ACCESS to over 350,000 HR professionals – Our users are connected to us with our LinkedIn group, Facebook group, Twitter, and RSS, as well as by our website and email subscription.We are the best single portal to what’s happening in HR. So, a message from us gets opened.
  • We REACH everyone with our engaged and enthusiastic audience – We continue to grow our users every day. They read what we say because we bring them practical information and industry knowledge that they can use immediately. Our authors are recognized thought leaders – what they say matters.

Audience Segmentation

We have earned multiple levels of permission from our subscribers over the years. We can break down by title, areas of interest and company size. Let us help you design an advertising approach to provide value to our audience and create leads for your product and/or service.

Please call for a free marketing consultation. We can deliver you the right prospect for the right price, right now. Phone: (610) 975-5855  or Email Here